SDG about Google App Engine

Thanks for everyone who made it to SDG last week! I got very good feedback about the event and I think everyone had a blast. The topic of the next SDG will be Google App Enginge. In May Jani Luostarinen talked about Amazon Web Services and specially about S3 and EC2. Now it is time to have a look what google has to offer in this space. Stefano J. Attardi is a CPO of Zipipop. He has been using Python for web-development since 2001 and has lot of experience about different frameworks. He started using Google App Engine shortly after it was published. Here is how he introduces us to the topic.

Google App Engine

App Engine looks like the dream platform for Python web developers. It makes deployment completely transparent. You press one button and the site goes live, and it scales indefinitely. No syncing and restarting servers, no load balancing, database replication, etc… And it’s free! Too good to be true?

I will cover:

  • The Good Things: deployment, versioning, logs, data viewer, scalability, reliability, costs.
  • The Bad Things (and how to live with them): quotas, profiling, limits on files, subdomains, custom error pages, data viewer, ssl, lock-in.
  • Tips: data modeling, scheduled tasks, using versions, timezones, unit testing.
  • Conclusions: when to use it, when not to use it?

September 3, 2008 at 11:19 pm 2 comments

SDG Meetup August 27th @ Korjaamo

Next SDG meetup will be held in Korjaamon. Join us to talk about databases with beer. Miku (Mikael Kopteff) will be giving introduction to the topic. I hope that won`t be a monologue! Let`s make this as conversational as possible (includes cutting Miku out after 15min). Here is how Miku introduces us to his presentation:

Alternate object persistence systems

Relational databases are the de-facto standard persistence systems for modern applications written in object-oriented languages. The use of these tools is usually justified by the use of SQL, standardized toolsets and abstraction from the programming language. The usage of a relational database still creates a impedance mismatch problem between the relational data model and an object-oriented language, that is traditionally solved with ORM-tools or manual object-to-relational mapping. As an introduction to the SDG I’ll go through some of the alternatives for relational databases, mainly object databases. The idea of this session is to have a discussion about these alternative systems and the benefits they might offer.

The introduction will include the following topics:

-What is object persistence?
-What are object databases?
-What does an application benefit from an object database?
-Differences between object databases and ORM tools
-What other persistence solutions are available?
-Different use cases for persistence systems?

July 31, 2008 at 12:38 pm 2 comments

Hello World

This is official Startup Developers Gathering blog. I will announce new meetups here and write about random stuff. I hope that i can find some other people to write here too… 🙂

July 31, 2008 at 7:52 am 1 comment

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